m. c. de marco: To invent new life and new civilizations...


I’ve made a couple of gaming tools for my favorite board game, Kingdom Builder: a board generator and an updated random layout generator. See the first link for more details.

I’ve also worked on some tools for the game 504: an almanac and some improvements to the standard rules generator; see the 504 page for more details.

I’ve implemented a few solitaire games for the Decket, an alternative card system by P.D. Magnus.

At the last minute before traipsing off to dance camp many years ago I rethemed the game 10 Days in Beautiful Africa into 10 Hours in Beautiful Pinewoods.

Much earlier than the last minute before dance camp a few years ago, I made a tool, CardPen for printing card (and other) games, and printed up a few of them.

I made some other uses of the BoardGameGeek API besides the game list option in CardPen: some sorting utilities, including a geeklist sorter, a family sorter, and a general thing sorter, as well as a thread formatter.

I’ve invented, documented, or randomized several pyramid games: Deck Town, Dectana Deciphered, and the Zoning Out Randomizer, respectively, plus a general Pyramid Randomizer.